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Aristotle’s unmoved mover


18000 genes    Electrons are a tautology** when proton H (H=1) as singular string sets the world from scratch into motion while returning as ΔH. H becomes in our 3-D world its own anti-derivative ΔH, because -H/ΔH back is ΔH/H forth. ΔH-H in 3-D is zero and therefore everything stays put* when ΔH/H=1. Our 3-D world is a ‘Ding an sich’*, which we by intuition* may define as the 3-D surface of a closed and connected 4-D 3-Sphere* (fig.1). The singularity H is in that Sphere Aristotle's unmoved mover, creating at t=0 the 4-D 3-Sphere ‘anti-space’ ltr(-1)/C (Coulomb, 1ml). Being unable to return* as 4-D ΔH into nothing (le rien*) due to adiabatic mismatch of kinetic- (factor 2) and inert ‘energy’ (factor 10). By exploiting this excess ‘space’ and ‘energy’ nature evolved in 3-D as product of free will and idea* (feedback by recombination and permutation). It causes ΔH (4-D) to recycle as 2-D ‘inert’ driving force through ‘our’ 3-D ‘surface’, while coming out of the absurd. Such a 3-D surface however cannot exist as 3-D equidistantness* in the 3-Sphere. We therefore imagine the recombination  en permutation  as exchange of information between 2 anti-sense strands (2-side circular plas-mid will do as well) of 6x10(9)DNA nucleotides each as 4-D ‘equidistant’ lines, containing 18.000 genes (fig.2) as anti-derivative (2-D). Codons comprising 3 nucleotides each* sanction the exchange. -1/18.10(-3)C/sec in ‘4-D’ is the anti-derivative of 18.10(3) genes in ‘2-D’, which fractionate the ‘DNA’ strands in constant variable codons*.

 So we are an absurd 3-D illusion, being projected from a 4-D (18ml)- en 2-D (1ml) space on the 3-D surface of a 4-D 3-Sphere (fig.1). Such 3-Sphere is a closed and connected world connecting causally the 2-D en 4-D spaces*, through an empty 3-D di-electric vacuum. Thus, everything you experience is part of an illusion, up to numbers* and dimensions*. But the time is real* although staying put in 3-D because nature (including man) is nothing else but a 3-D illusion of will and idea*. And when nature wants it the time proceeds with 1sec while the time of the unmoved mover* steps back with 1sec, for a total period of -6.10(23)sec until H (=ΔH in 3-D) settles back in nothingness** where it came from, because H is its own anti-derivative ΔH in 3-D, being a ‘time’ driving force from the absurd (fig.3)*.   


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The large and the small ... Cusanus.             Changing and moving ... Leibnitz.              This 3-D river.... Heraclitus.             Nothing moves...  , Zeno