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Intelligence versus Intuition

 The liars paradox has been contributed to the Cretenzer Epimenides who after an exceptional long sleep of 57 years stated that al Cretenzers are liars. Assuming that Epimenides wasn’t out of his mind we must accept that it was an anti-derived of itself kind of statement. A statement that is not logically but intuitively intuitively contingent. Beyond logic and following the rule of the 3rd road* the statement is intuitively contingent. It can be true but is is not necessarily true.

   The math we present in this web site is based on 3rd road intuition. Once it knew strong advocates like Poincaré* and Brouwers*. Poincaré showed that a Physics system is based on convention*. Just wait long enough and every physical system will pass by. We show that therefore only the scalar time*, at this very moment, is real and that everything else is an illusion. We therefore are dealing with natural and social phenomena* that evolved along a linear time scale as result of permutation and recombination of the anti-derivative of identity H in a illusive 3-D nothingness of a closed 4-D 3-Sphere. As illusion we stay ‘de facto’ put in the 3-D surface, a di-electrical vacuum. In formula 1/HxΔH = lnH = 0 because H is 1. We are like spectators endowed with a free will, but being forced to stay put by the time. The base number e (=2.71828...etc) of natural logarithm is therefore only 'significant’ in 3-D (in nothingness). It is a mathematical invention of man, no math* without man. Intelligence, in contrast to intuition, doesn’t play a role in nature because logic en math seem to be congruent*.

*Time is not eternal (see crisis)*