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The illusion ‘water’ as being its own anti-derivative.  

   The universe is a closed 4-D 3-Sphere wherein ice gas and water are all illusions of the anti-derivative of singularity H (H=1). The string created* at t=0 sec a 4-D 3-Sphere, an anti-space with ltr(-1)/C ‘volume’ containing ‘0.9ltr’ 2-D ‘ice en 0.081ltr 4-D ‘gas’. Een 3-D ‘volume’ of 1molH (18ml plus 1ml) is ‘missing’*. These are number suggestions due to the suggestion that a 4-D volume of 0.009ltr expands in 2-D to 0.9ltr because it is taken up as inert passive heat (0.009 /10(-2)), and that the collision of 0.9ltr (2-D) and 0.009ltr (3-D) creates an active 4-D volume of 0.081ltr. By active interaction (induction) 30mC (0.081ltr/2.7ltr) the 2-D ‘volume’ is transported to 4-D while simultaneously the 4-D volume is transported to 2-D (0.009/4 = 0.00225). The universe is a closed system thus, as expected, the product of 1/a x a must be 1. It means that everything in 3-D (the ‘Ding an Sich’) stays put. The specific weigh of ‘water’ is 1 in 3-D, by induction you never come to know whether ‘water’ is ice or gas.  

   30mC ‘ice’ expands in the act of thawing actively (x3) tot 81ml 4-D gas, which generates a kinetic illusion, and 1molH (1.015Mjoule) yields 81Kcal kinetic energy. The latter kinetic energy is choked in ice (fig.4a). Thus  1molH heat disappears somewhere in a closed 4-D 3-Sphere (induction) as 1.015MJoule inert collision energy into 2-D ‘ice’. ‘Water’ is its own anti-derivative (fig.4b) in the 3-Sphere. Choking of this self created ‘energy’ by water, for example choking 4-D kinetic energy (cal) into 2-D ice, generates the illusion of moving because choking is a time dependent process (see elsewhere). Water is a choke coil and because everything is an illusion we expect that even DNA, being an invention of man, also must be a choke coil*.    


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